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Contact Potential Employers

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When someone in your network refers you to an employer, make direct contact in-person, by phone, or by e-mail. Be sure to mention your networking contact's name. When you tell someone you will call, be sure to follow up. If they’re difficult to reach, keep trying. It’s your responsibility to connect. If you are using e-mail, use the following tips:

•Avoid nicknames or unprofessional names in your e-mail address.

•Keep messages short and to the point.


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Make a List of Contacts

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Make a list people who might be able to help answer your job search questions. Start talking with them. These contacts might include:

•Friends, family, neighbors, and church members

•Former classmates, teachers, and professors

•Acquaintances and business contacts, including former managers, supervisors, and coworkers

•Referrals from other contacts

Be prepared and organize your list of contacts

Some job seekers find it helpfu...

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Maintain Your Network

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Networking is about building relationships. You listen and learn about the other person. You think about mutual interests and the ways you can support them while they help you. As with any friendship, respect their limits on the amount and type of interaction. Here are some ways to support your contacts:

•Take notes during your conversations. Follow up by e-mail, telephone, mail, or text message.

•Send them an article about something you know is important to them.

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